Alexander Senning

I believe in transformative, forward-thinking brand marketing strategies and engaging content that enriches and connects with audiences through innovative and personalized experiences. Recognized as a visionary leader in the field, I have over 16 years of success in shaping brand identity, orchestrating integrated marketing campaigns, and driving digital innovation.


Alexander Senning

With over 16 years of professional creative experience in visual brand communication, creative direction, graphic design, content creation and production, digital storytelling, UX, pitch presentations, concept development, brand identity design, and leading creative teams, I aim to bring the future vision into the present by pushing my work to use innovative methods while thinking digital first and from the user's perspective.


Creative Director
Head of Brand Creative Marketing

E. Breuninger GmbH & Co

Jan. 2020 – current
As the head of three departments - Design (all online and offline design tasks), Content (all magazines, mailings, and print materials), and Content Marketing (online editorials), photoshoots, and Production (operational control), I steer a team of 37, including art directors, fashion editors, content managers, and project managers. My leadership role encompasses strategic planning and execution of marketing and communication activities, nurturing team leadership and development, and applying analytical skills to redefine our marketing strategies away from traditional siloed approaches towards a more unified, flexible model.This transformation led to innovative marketing clusters focusing on:

Brand marketing strategy: Implementation of cultural branding across all funnel levels, including upper, mid, and lower-funnel touchpoints.

Brand communication: Successful development of brand campaigns and a brand identity, as well as projects such as events, POS initiatives, overhauling of the corporate design, and brand collaborations with companies like Off-White, Ralph Lauren, and Replay.

Performance marketing strategy: Further development of the campaign chain and creation of omnichannel marketing strategies. Development of an online content strategy across all funnel levels.

Performance commuication: Development of a content production process that allowed us to produce more than 6500 fashion looks over five years in 40 photoshoots. Six TV commercials and 12 drive-to-store campaigns, digital live formats such as fashion shows and fashion talks, and numerous capsule collections with brands like Balmain, Annine Bing, Daily Paper, Levis, Paris Texas, TOD's, Wandler, Givenchy, Iris von Arnim, 032c, Dsquared, Armedn Angels, Ganni, Nomos, Stone Island, and Vitra.
Creative Director Digital
E. Breuninger GmbH & Co

Nov. 2017 – Jan. 2020
Initially responsible for all digital design (from content to user interface), SEO, and content marketing with a team of 10 employees, I worked to further develop these areas and ensure the successful execution of 360° campaigns across digital marketing touchpoints. Along with achieving our marketing goals, we also created an editorial content touchpoint in the online shop to showcase Breuninger’s fashion expertise. This required a strong understanding of fashion and the ability to create engaging and visually appealing content that resonated with our target audience.

In addition to technical tasks, I was heavily involved in the development of the overall company strategy and its various initiatives. I worked closely with Bain & Company to ensure that our efforts were aligned with the broader goals of the organization. This required strong communication and collaboration skills, as well as the ability to think strategically and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Creative Director Art

Mar. 2014 – Nov. 2017
In my role as the Creative Director for the dm-drogerie markt account, I successfully expanded the team from 7 to 22 art directors over a span of four years, demonstrating significant leadership and communication skills. My primary responsibilities centered around the brand development and execution of digital marketing campaigns across a diverse range of product categories, including beauty, healthcare, nutrition, men’s products, and baby & child products. I played a pivotal role in crafting innovative digital specials for dm-drogerie markt’s proprietary brands such as Balea, Alverde, Trenditup, dmBio, SEINZ, among others, showcasing my creativity and expertise in digital marketing strategies.

Moreover, my commitment to influencer marketing strategies significantly enhanced our campaigns’ reach and effectiveness. Beyond my core responsibilities, I spearheaded design workshops within our agency, ensuring that our team of designers stayed at the forefront of design innovation by mastering the latest trends and techniques.

Among my standout achievements was spearheading the successful market launch of the dmAsia project on Alibaba’s Tmall platform. This initiative was a pivotal step in the brand’s internationalization strategy, allowing us to establish and realign our brand positioning within the Asian market. My responsibilities were multifaceted, encompassing the design of the user interface and experience to resonate with our new audience. Furthermore, I led the training and onboarding process for our art directors team based in Taiwan, ensuring a seamless integration of our brand values and aesthetic into the local marketplace.

Senior Art Director

Oct. 2013 – Mar. 2014
Designed the first e-commerce user interface and experience for “dm-drogerie markt /”, in close collaboration with front-end developers and information architects. In addition to this, my responsibilities included presenting designs, pitching ideas to the client, and developing a strategy for migrating existing content. It was launched in July 2015.

Responsible for the disciplinary and professional leadership of 7 art directors.

Founder and Associate
Hochburg design agency

May 2010 – Oct. 2013
Starting as a small collective of four designers, we made the decision to start our own design agency utilizing our expertise and skills. We began by offering advertising materials such as flyers, posters, and other print materials for events of all sizes, including small local events and larger festivals. We also started developing web presences for small businesses, helping them establish an online presence and reach a wider audience. As the business grew, I took on the role of building up our digital competencies and expanding our range of digital services. It was important to me to create a comprehensive range of services so that we could offer a wide range of solutions to our clients. Within just three years, we were able to grow our team to 13 members and secure a major client, Elring Klinger AG. Alongside our digital services, we also became known for our expertise in developing complex corporate designs for businesses of all sizes.

In my role as a leader, I was able to grow and develop my skills by taking on early responsibilities for both disciplinary and professional management. This included leading a team of designers, setting goals and expectations, providing guidance and support, and making decisions that impacted the direction of the company.